Autocar Mondays – So Close

Yup. Autocar Mondays is still a thing around here. I had to get off my butt an go find this truck but I’m glad I did as I’ve been wondering about the fate of this rig for some time now. Maybe about 8 or 9 years ago I recall seeing this truck on a regular basis while driving to church. The majority of the time it had some sort of tanker behind it that I assume was hauling some sort of agriculture product. Possibly milk.

One fine spring morning while sitting in church attentively listing to the sermon this old beast came thundering down the road. I tried to ignore its call but I shifted a bit in my seat hoping to catch a glimpse of the truck trough the open window. I thought I had pulled a smooth move but out of the corner of my eye I saw my wife shaking her head with a smirk on her face. Don’t worry, she knew what she was getting into when she married me. 😉

Not long after this story the Autocar became a stranger to the roads. I’m sure it was still around but I never saw it. I did however begin to have regular meetings with its replacement, a generic white color Freightliner Cascadia. No offense to the Freightliner folk but it can’t hold a candle to this rig. Imagine my surprise when I happened across this old friend just five miles from house. Maybe now there we’re almost neighbors I’ll catch it on the roads again.

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6 Responses to Autocar Mondays – So Close

  1. Andy Rezsnyak says:

    LBD hauls “spoiled” milk I heard… They have one of those “brown water” spreaders that injects it in the ground… I think you might have had it on here… Its yellow, big off road tires and has the injectors that look like a comb behind it…

    Wondering the fate? This is parked about a mile of your church out in the open, as all LBD trucks are… You need to get out more…

    I had an opportunity to drive one of their 5 toner military trucks years ago… From your church down to the parking lot… I was told… “Get in that and drive it down to LBD, keep it under 30 mph”. It was a big truck to drive down a busy thoroughfare with no shoulders on the road and that thruway overpass… It had been some time since I had driven a car with a stick, let alone a truck of this size… But we made it, with no issues..

    • Eric says:

      Ah, I did see it leaving the Ultra Dairy plant many years back. It doesn’t look like your typical milk hauler so the spoiled angle make sense.

      Thanks for letting me know about this truck now. *eye roll*

  2. joe says:

    Sure looks a lot like Madison County’s old truck number 16 out of Wampsville, although painted red not orange. But, if I was a bettin’ man…

  3. joe says:

    Never got to drive it, but rode in it a few times.

  4. Jeffrey S Colburn says:

    Gentlemen, by all means place your bet. Indeed, this is Madison County Truck #16. A 1985 Autocar DK powered by a Cummins Big Cam 350/400, hooked up to a Fuller 13 speed Roadranger. Originally came in with a tri -axle Fontaine low bed trailer. This truck remained in service until replaced by the current #16, a 2009 International Paystar tractor. The Fontaine trailer was replaced by a Globe paver special low bed trailer a few years ago. This Autocar served the County well, and I must say…she looked much prettier dressed in orange. There’s just nothing quite like an Autocar!

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