Autocar Mondays – The Philadelphia Branch

Jason sent me a neat link last week regarding the old Autocar Trucks factory branch in Philadelphia, PA and it’s untimely demise. Hemmings Motor news ran a story about the building in 2011 nearly a year after a fire tore through the historic building, destroying it completely. The story mentions that representatives of the current Autocar Trucks company were trying to obtain the large stone Autocar sign that adorned the front entry to the building. I haven’t been able to find out if they were successful or not but lets hope they were. You can read the full story here which includeds a depressing photo of the building.

In lighter news if you are looking to start your own Autocar fleet there is company selling six DC9364B models for discerning buyers. According to the TruckPaper listing the trucks have 260HP Cummins engines, 6 speed transmissions and Hendrickson rears. The trucks come from F.S. Lopke which at one time had more than a few Diamond Reo’s in their fleet. I have a picture saved from the early days of the web that I need to find that confirms this but until then check out the listing here or the photos below.



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