Autocar Mondays – Work Hard Play Hard

Here is a little gem from the 2010 Washington (NY) County Fair featuring two classic Autocar trucks pulling a sled down down a dirt track. As for the ages and exact models I can only speculate but I can tell you that on the day of the races both trucks were still working daily for a living. That’s right, play on Sunday, work on Monday. I went back to my original footage of the show hoping to learn more specific details of the trucks as I remember the announcer always having something to say about the drivers or the rigs. Sadly he was quiet on these two classics.

If you would like to see more from the Washington County Fair click on this link to see an International M-Series plow pulling for all its worth along with a Continental gas powered Brockway fuel tanker. To see even more including my favorite V12 powered Kenworth click on the Videos link located near the top of the page. Once you make it to Youtube search for Washington and let the internet do the driving.

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  1. Clarence Ritchie says:

    Eric, I have scrapped the track at the fairgrounds for about 20 years and that was without a doubt my favorite memory at the track. I had only purchased that tanker about a week before that. And in the pits that day, I met the 80 year old gentleman named Fitzy, the mechinic, on that truck 30 years earlier. He than road down the track with me. He also gave me the original owners manual to the truck! Keep on Trucking! It just doesn’t get any better! Clarence

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