Autocar Trucks – The Jet Age

I know Daily Diesel Dose has a few visitors that are just as nuts over planes as they are trucks. This one is for you!

Joining the collection of Autocar truck scans is this 50’s era DC model with integral sleeper. Owned by the Lockheed-Georgia Company this Autocar was setup as a fire truck. Probably a foam unit. I wonder where it is today?


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Any ideas on the model of the jet in the background?

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5 Responses to Autocar Trucks – The Jet Age

  1. Dave S. says:

    Appears to be an old Boeing C-141 Starlifter. The predecessor to the current Boeing C-17.

    • Anthony Fox says:

      Actually, after looking closely at the info on this pic I noticed the 54995 in the
      lower right corner. That is the VIN on my truck. I then called the previous owner who told me my truck had a sleeper cab when it was new! So the truck
      in this pic is my truck!!!! Now I need to find a sleeper cab to restore it to its original configuration.

  2. Anthony Fox says:

    I actually own the daycab brother of this same truck. I heard it was a foam unit from lockheed. Im currently restoring the truck to it’s original look. Today the truck only has 6358 miles on it! I would love to find some pics of the daycab.

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