Award Season – Peterbilt 587 and 210

The Grammys, the Oscars, the Emmys, big whoop is what I say.  Let’s start talking about real awards.  Awards like the American Truck Dealers Commercial Truck of the Year.  It’s one thing to beat your chest when you win an prize but when you take home awards in two different classes, well, you just might have a decent product.

For the heavy duty class the Peterbilt 587 won for its smooth performance, distinctive styling and driver friendly environment.  Claiming the award in the medium duty category was the Peterbilt 210, a truck based on the DAF LF model.  With the LF you see an example of a global vehicle platform, a strategy strongly embraced by car manufacturers for some time.  One product, many markets.  Does this mean we will see cabovers off the European variety on the interstates in the near future?  I doubt it.  But you can be sure we will see engines, transmissions and certain design ques that are shared among various trucks, both foreign and domestic.

Peterbilt 587 ATD Truck of the Year

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