Ax Men Season 7

This Sunday the seventh season of Ax Men airs on the History Channel. I will tell you right off the bat I could care less about the log count and who is king of the mountain. It’s all a load of steaming bull crap. I enjoy watching the show for the trucks, heavy equipment and the occasional Rygaard temper tantrum. Any show that treats us to shots of Pacific trucks still working to haul massive trees out the forest is okay in my book. With that being said here a few logging photos Ryan sent me from his travels out west.

I really like the looks of the old Freightliner setup as a yarder. If you watch Ax Men you will know that finding a large enough stump to secure the yarder is always a problem. Each year we a treated to at least one episode where the stump pulls from the ground or shatters under the force. That won’t be a problem here as two Cat dozers with their blades buried in the earth are used as tie downs. Some really great shots here. Thanks Ryan!

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