B-61 Mack Truck

I spent sometime this past weekend working a video for the BTPA featuring the 2016 Truckers Choice, a 1972 361 model painstakingly rebuilt by Ray Hildreth. While the Huskie was the star dog of the day there was another breed lurking in the background that was too nice to ignore, Ray’s B-61 powered by the a 711 Thermodyne diesel engine. After hanging around these old trucks you start to develop an appreciation for not only their looks but their sounds. Just as a Detroit has its own unique ring a Mack diesel has its own growl that will please even the most discerning ear.

B-Model Mack

This old B does not disappoint on any sensory level. For proof, check out the video below.

There will be more much more to come regarding the 361 Brockway. Until then you’ll just have to satisfy yourself with this never before seen photo (on this site 😉 )

Brockway 361

A huge thanks to Ray and his Father for the hospitality!

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