Big Rig Bounty Hunters

I never complain when a new truck related show hits the airways. Our friends at the History channel seems to have the market cornered when it comes to new trucking shows. This Thursday (2/14) Big Rig Bounty Hunters premieres at 10PM. According to History the show premise is as follows…

Every year, thousands of trucks carrying valuable cargo across America go missing. These big rigs have to be hunted down and hauled in or the trucking companies pay the price. Vital to our nation’s economy, the United States depends on these trucks to deliver the goods. In Big Rig Bounty Hunters, HISTORY tracks five groups of colorful characters along a perilous competition to retrieve the missing loads while facing a ticking clock and life-threatening duty. A day in the life of a truck hunter is never easy, but the dollar signs keep these truckers hunting.

Time will tell if the show is nothing more than hyped up drama (Storage Wars) or something a little more realistic. Below is a trailer of what to expect.

Seems like the perfect way to spend Valentines Day! 😉

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2 Responses to Big Rig Bounty Hunters

  1. Cowgirl says:

    Feb 16 , 2013 Saturday .
    They showed this show on the History channel and I found it not right
    as a truck driver cause they dont tell you all the truth on this show .
    I am a long hauler truck driver and what this show is showing is not all current okay
    and I feel as a driver that they showed not air something they dont know anything about as well okay on driving truck all right .
    If your going to air a show on driving truck well you better do it right then with a some real drivers as well okay . There’s law’s out there and there’s real truck drivers who dont care for this kind of act on a show of truck drivers as well .
    This show is giving real truck drivers a bad name okay and its not right
    as your air a show like this , dont air something thats going to give truck drivers a bad name who really drivers truck . Us out here who drive long or shot hual we work hard and this kind of stuff thats on tv. is not right or true okay !
    I watch your new show and I didnt care for it and your putting something thats giving us truck drivers a bad name from your show as well okay . We work hard out here and we all know how it works out here driving truck okay .
    Dont put a show on here or tv with saying something thats not all true okay
    its not to us drivers on the road okay .
    I hope your fix your show before your air it okay .
    Thanks from Cowgirl / truck driver.

  2. John says:

    Cowgirl, did you really pay attention to the show??? I haven’t seen them put any of the drivers down that’s doing his/her job. Their after the thieves and the drivers who drop their units on the side of the road for any particular reason. But I guess stay turned and lets see what happens…

    BTW I’m also a driver for over 20 years…….

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