Blue Oval Wonders

I don’t have much trouble coming across heavy Ford trucks from the mid 90’s. Makes you think that maybe, just maybe, Ford had a good thing going for them and was a little premature in selling off their heavies to Daimler Trucks North America. Dump trucks come from one of two creation paths. The first type originates from a blank slate in which a truck is ordered from the factory for the demanding life of hauling and dumping. The second follows a path that sees it start life as a tractor. Commonly the frame is lengthened but here we see a chopped job on Ford Aeromax LTL9000.

And what about this L9000? Chrome, grill and other sheet metal are looking good. Cat diesel powered is a strong guess. Gearing through an 8LL trans makes even more sense.

So what do you think? Did Ford miss the mark by getting out of heavy trucks?

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