Bridge Inspections

I recently came across this older White WIA (I think that is the model) setup with a bridge inspection boom. Owned by McClain & Co these trucks lower their operators over the side of bridge so critical structural components can be inspected.

bridge inspection truck

A few weeks after spotting this machine I spied another bridge inspection truck parked at a local motel. I was on my way to check out some new rigs at Beam Mack so I made plans to stop on my way back for a quick photo. Ten minutes later I returned to find the truck gone! I headed home dejected. About thirty minutes later I left for the local supermarket and found the truck again right as it was leaving the parking lot. My wife did a a good job snapping a shot through our dirty windshield.

international workstar bridge inspection truck

Another McClain & Co truck this time in the form of an International WorkStar with a very set forward front axle. The working end of this truck is an Aspen A-40. Moral of the story. Never give up on the hunt.

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