Cat 769B

If you’re ever traveling west on NYS Route 318 keep an eye out for this Cat 769B off-road dump truck. Trust me, it won’t be hard to miss. This old hauler is starting to look a little worse for wear as sits by the side of the road waiting for the next job. Rated to carry 30 cubic yards of material the 769B has a 415 HP Caterpillar diesel engine. Gearing comes from three forward speeds and one reverse connected to an automatic torque divider the math ends up totaling nine gears for travelling forward and three for reverse.

Cat 769B

Just about the same time I snapped this photo Dave was looking over a fleet of 769’s at the Gerhart property. I can’t seem to make out what the name on the door reads. Anyone have a clue? Eitherway, they certainly put the truck I saw in perspective!

Cat 769B

As always, many thanks to Dave for sharing.

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2 Responses to Cat 769B

  1. Dave says:

    I think it is Mount Joy Enterprises Eric. Seems as if there might have been a “James Julian” tag on them also. I haven’t located any info on Mount Joy Enterprises. James Julian I think is a Delaware contractor.


  2. Noria Saamspan says:

    Good day,

    Can you please help me, I need a power divider on a 769B Cat.
    Can you please assist with a price and do you have one in stock.

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