A Second Chance?

This past summer National Grid replaced a series of underground electrical vaults across the street from my office. After the electrical equipment was removed contractors spent a week chiseling the old vault away with a backhoe mounted jackhammer so new concrete walls could be poured. The final stage of the project called for the placement of a large precast box to be dropped snugly into the newly created hole in the ground. A crane like the one below was used. In fact, it probably was this crane seeing as it was Clark Rigging that was assigned to the heavy lifting that day. For some reason or another I never bothered to check back on the work despite it occurring right outside of my office door. Walking out for lunch I noticed an empty flatbed truck and the crane crew packing up to hit the road, it was then I remembered what was going on. D’oh!

But then Dan submitted these great shots so we can dream about what might have been. Thanks!

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