Current Plows

The past couple days we’ve seen new plows, old plows and now current plows. While checking out the surplus items it’s impossible not to come across the trucks of the active fleet. Yesterday we saw a photo of a brand new tow plow. I was lucky enough to grab a video of this truck as it pulled out of the yard. Impressive for sure. It will be interesting to see these trucks on the road this coming winter.

Along with brand new Macks two old International 2574s were still wearing DOT logos and colors. One of them was even preped for plowing with a sander in the dump body. It was eventually moved to a back corner of the lot after it gathered plenty of attention from those thinking it was for sale.


Along with the new tow plow some other toys showed up this summer. This Case grader looks ready for business.

Case Grader

With November looming just over the horizon most trucks around the grounds were already in full winter gear while others were just waiting for their blades. Even rigs usually setup for hauling fifth wheels had their sanders attached. Finally random thought, loader mounted snow blowers are not as cool as truck mounted blowers.


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