Detroit Diesel Mega Collection – Volume II

It has almost been three years to the date that the ground breaking video, Detroit Diesel Mega Collection, hit Youtube. After amassing over 100,000 views from around the globe I have heard the cries of the people asking for more. I am proud to present Detroit Diesel Mega Collection Volume II.

Hear em before you see em! Detroit Diesel.

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2 Responses to Detroit Diesel Mega Collection – Volume II

  1. AndyinMA says:

    One of my earliest memories is of being terrified by that scream before the GMC 9500 came into view…..I want one now.

    • Eric says:

      Me too! Local rail yard used to have a Detroit powered Michigan loader and the local village DPW had a Trojan also with a green leaker. I used to have dreams as a child of them chasing me and not being able to run fast enough. Somewhat funny considering neither machine had a top speed worth noting.

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