Diesel Motorcycles – They do exist

When creating a custom chopper the builder has many choices to make regarding the setup. Selecting an engine usually has to do with size and power but rarely the fuel source. Gas is king. But some times you need to do something different. Something to set yourself apart from the crowd. That is when our old friend diesel steps in. I can’t say that diesel engines are new to motorcycles. Apparently the British experimented with diesel power plants in Royal Enfield motorcycles with surprising results. Noise, pollution concerns, and complex starting procedures eventually led to the discontinuation of the model. The U.S. military has a specially adapted Kawasaki motorcyles with an engine capable of using diesel or JP8 jet fuel. Fun! But what about the custom edge? How about the Peterbilt trike made by Jesse James and the monster garage crew? Basically just a ridable engine this wonderful creation started life as 1972 Peterbilt and was turned into one awesome death trap by the end of the episode. On the custom chopper front the OCC crew recently finished the build of diesel powered chopper. Variety is the spice of life. Drive Diesel.

OCC Image: Bmore

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  1. Wife says:

    Amazing article! Can’t wait until this weekend. We are going to rock the show.

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