Different World

Life threatening wind chills. Bone crushing cold. Polar vortex. These are just a few of the headlines I read while laying around sunny and warm Florida last week. 🙂

To help ease myself back into winter I figured that my first post since my return should be snow plow update. First up, a new 4×4 truck for the Town of Callicoon, NY. Since I’ve started to pay attention to the destination tags on these trucks I’ve learned that CNY has an abundance of small towns I’ve never heard of and most likely will never visit. I might make an exception for Callicoon now that I know they have this truck.


Parked next door was a seemingly new truck for the Oswego County Highway Department. They made for a handsome couple.


In the gallery below you’ll find a few more of the two trucks pictured above as well as a pretreat truck for Onondaga County DOT, a recent trade in from the town of Gilboa, NY and a 114SD from the Town of Stratford, NY.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Do you know who makes the amber lights on the back of the Oswego Cty Spreader?

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