DOT Plow Truck Clean Out

It’s time to do a little spring cleaning around here and share some miscellaneous plow trucks from a few months back. Looking at the gallery below the first row of trucks are all brand new units. Out of this group I can tell you the red truck is heading to the town of West Turin, NY. The future homes of the other two trucks are up in the air. All three arrived on dealer lots toward the start of April so they will have to wait until next season to see any real action. April seems to be a popular time of the year for new trucks to show up. It must have something to do with end of year budgets so on and so forth.

Moving on to the second row we have a Sterling that belongs to the Town of German Flatts, NY. Sterlings usually don’t catch my eye but this one did. I’m unsure of the model so please let me known if you know. The rest of the row is comprised of an International WorkStar for the Town of Salina. A heavy duty Western Star for the Town of Stockbridge. And last by not least a Freightliner 108SD for parts unknown.

The final two trucks of the collection belong to the City of Oswego and Town of Onondaga in that order. I crossed paths with the Oswego PayStar earlier in the season which you can revisit by clicking here. This time the truck was in my neck of the woods at a local spring shop. The Sterling from Town of Onondaga is serious machine setup with a 6×6 configuration. I spotted this truck leaving the OCRRA Ley Creek transfer station.



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