Dump Truck Week – Brockway

This past week I’ve featured nothing but dump trucks on Daily Diesel Dose. The first two days were unintentional and then it became the unofficial week of dump trucks. My plan was to end with the GMC General from the other day but then Andy stepped in with another survivor; a Brockway 361 (just a guess) he found outside of Lyons Falls.

Brockway 361 Dump Truck

Brockway 361 – Click to Enlarge

How about those steaks? What does this truck haul!?

Brockway 361 Truck

Click to Enlarge

I’ve seen a few Brockways with square lights in the fenders and always assumed they were some sort of aftermarket solution to rusted fenders. Anyone know better?

If you are having trouble seeing this truck as it would have looked back in its prime check out the video below.

Thanks for photos Andy!

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One Response to Dump Truck Week – Brockway

  1. Jeff Shaw says:

    I would guess it hauls firewood, the square headlights are just cheap replacements because you cant get the brockway ones easy

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