Duplex Tow Trucks

Many years ago this truck was featured on this page and now it’s back. It’s a 1964 Duplex complete with a 230 Cummins, 5×4 OD trans, and Rockwell top drive axles. They don’t get more beastly than this! Former Onondaga County DOT truck # 22.

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  1. M E Folsom says:

    I remember seeing this truck when it was owned by The Onondaga County DPW
    It was on a recovery job back in the early 80’s pulling a Cat #12 -G grader with a wing plow out of a ditch on Rt 173 near OCC. Observed on my morning bus ride into 8th grade The graders rear tandem drive wheels had slid off into the ditch durning the previous nights snowstorm.
    On the ride home that afternoon the Sheriffs department had the road blocked and this truck had just pulled the grader out of its sticky situation. When the sheriffs opened up the road the bus passed with my face was glued to the frosty glass observing all the action.

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