eBay Finds – 1956 Oshkosh Pickup

Past eBay finds on this site have included former heavy duty trucks converted into “pickups”, mostly in the form of military transport trucks that have been bobtailed. I like those trucks and would certainly buy one if my lotto numbers came in. This one for instance was over the top perfect.  However, if you like that more subdued classic look you might be interested in this ’56 Oshkosh.

The seller lists this truck as a former military plow rig that was reconditioned in 2005.  It has an unspecified CAT engine matted to a three speed automatic which can (eventually) propel you to a top speed of 55! The Buy It Now price is hefty 25,000 bucks which works out to be dollar a pound based on the owner supplied weight of the truck.  Start rolling your pennies!

Click here for the full eBay listing.

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