Endless Cabovers Part Two

To quote myself from my first day at the show “Soooo many trucks!” I took north of 500 photos during my three days in York. During the same time period over 1100 trucks passed through the gates.  Basic math tells us that I almost took a picture of half the vehicles on the grounds. Looking back at certain photos I see trucks lurking in the background that I never got a chance to check out and probably never will. I guess I need to hire an assistant? Thankfully this Chevy Titan 90 was not a background blur.

Chevy Titan 90

I’m a sucker for anything wearing its original coat of paint. This 1962 International VCO-205 in old Coca-Cola colors was just too interesting to ignore.


Speaking of Internationals, plenty of Transtars were on hand.

International Transtar

And what about this combo? Oooohhh yeeeah. The Deere is Detroit Powered and believe the Pete was too.

Peterbilt COE

The video of the day revolves around two White Freightliners seen near the truck wash and photography area of the show. One is customized hauler while the other appears to mostly original. Enjoy!

And more!

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