ETF Mining Trucks – A pipe dream?

Innovation is a fact of life. Established ideas of the past may not be the best ideas for the present or the future. That seems to be the driving force between the ETF Haul Trucks. Take a look at the video below.

All in all, this concept appears to have some interesting features that mine owners should love like increased payloads, a tight turning radius, and rotating dump beds. But despite the technological advantages and sky high claims on reliability there has yet to be one EFT Truck produced. According to various sources on the internet EFT is only interested in producing trucks when they ordered, not a single prototype can be found. Another point of concern is some form of lease program for the trucks and maintenance provided on by EFT. So far, it appears that those conditions are enough to keep mine operators in the seats of their traditional diesel/electric haul trucks.

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2 Responses to ETF Mining Trucks – A pipe dream?

  1. bert schenk says:

    Dear Eric,surfing on the internet I found this article about ETF,let me assure you we are talking here about a realtime Truck ready for the future,which will be ready in a few months,after 10 years of very hard work by eddy de Jongh and his friends,I have seen it ,and I am impressed by all the technically clever idea’s in this truck.

    With kind regards,bert schenk

  2. Hi
    Greetings, I request to know whole Budget of 8 Trucks plus the Repair garage tyre gears I am still on exploration works.

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