Everyday Big Rigs

Welcome to our continuing series, Every Day Big Rigs, in which we take at look at the often overlooked modern trucks that keep our world turning.

Here we see a Kenworth T600, a truck design that was truely radical in every sense of the word when it was first introduced in 1984. With a sloping tapered front clip the truck was commonly compared to the mammal with similar physical features, the anteater. All joking about appearance ceased however when this new aerodynamic design proved to be 20% more fuel efficient than previous models. The T600 was a complete success for Kenworth and would be a mainstay of their OTR truck line for nearly three decades. Here we seen a mid 90’s model as noted by the curved windshield and turn signals mounted into the fender.

It’s not hard to see how the T600 influenced the latest generations of Kenworth trucks when you look at this T370 hauling for Coca-Cola.

On the Freightliner side of the fence an equally popular truck existed in the form of the FLD. This design and model can still be found in abundance all over the United States. By now most are pretty tired and ratty looking but I did happen to come across this nicely optioned model a few months back in Virginia. This side shot does little justice to the overall shape of this truck and absolutely nothing to how good it sounded.

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