Fields of Yellow

I came across these two about a month ago while wandering through the countryside of Madison County. I’m not entirely sure if you could consider them abandoned as the weeds are fairly short and the seat on the roller appears to be in decent shape. The grader is very solid looking with intact glass which is usually a clear sign of not sitting unattended for too long. I wan’t to say the grader is a Caterpillar but it could also be a Galion. Please let me know your guess.

Maybe I happened to catch them at the very rare early stages of neglect?

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3 Responses to Fields of Yellow

  1. Matt says:

    It looks like a Cat No 12 grader .
    This machine is of the mid 60’s vintage you can tell by the use of the full size tractor tires on the front prior to this vintage the wheels were of a smaller diameter
    with a truck style tires. It features all mechcanical blade & scarifier controls . Cat didn’t introduce hydraulics to their grader dessigns until the G series OT the early 70’s
    They believed hydraulics didn’t give proper blade feel.until they could develop good hydraulic
    pressures to give good blade control / feel

  2. Mike DeWater says:

    I concur Matt. It’s a Caterpillar 12. Good work.

  3. joe says:

    Could be 1950’s vintage too. We had a ’51 at the Town of Sullivan and a ’55 at Madison County that had the full size tires on the steer axle.

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