Forgotten Photos

Round round get around I get around. Those lyrics sum up this past summer and fall for me with travel to the ATHS national show, a inlaw visit to the NY/NJ area, a visit to Richmond, VA, various trucks shows through out NY and PA area and finally another trip back down to Reston, VA. To visit all these fantastic locations I left my humble home via Interstate I-81. Sometimes the driving involved can be absolute drudgery especially when you’re not to excited about the destination but their is a silver lining to every cloud in the form of truck spotting. Now I can tell you this. I passed more cool trucks and construction sites than I took photos of but that is okay because using a camera while driving is not cool. Just ask McGruff the crime dog. I would have liked to show you the line of Mack and Autocar dump trucks working on bridge reconstruction outside of Wilks-Barre, PA. Or the complete demotion and reconstruction of I-81 somewhere south of…somewhere. I really don’t know where it was taking place but it’s in Pennsylvania. Construction season never ends in Pennsylvania. And what about a White Road Boss dump truck loaded to the brim screaming up one of those mountain cuts outside of Scranton? Like I said, I missed more than I caught but on a few occasion I did find myself in the passenger seat and in the right frame of mind to snap a photo or two.

Back in July I passed this Terex crane while winding through the hills outside of Cortland, NY. It wasn’t until months later when I looked back at the photo that I realized it was a Moultons Towing rig, a company often seen on this site.

Moultons Towing

A little further south it was time to stop for a break. This driver from A-Verdi had the same idea.

Kenworth Semi Truck

Somewhere outside of Harrisburg I passed this Kenworth T-880 pulling a Moxy haul truck.

Heavy Haul Truck

Coming back home through PA coal country, that stretch of 81 that I level with the sky, I passed this silo heading south. I’m sure someone out there can place this location based on the partial company name on the truck and that MMGCO water tower.

Heavy Haul Truck

I encountered this truck shortly after getting back on I-81 after an unscheduled scenic detour through PA Stage game lands 211 when my GPS felt the need to find a quicker route. I don’t think it was quicker but it was a beautiful fall day so the stress level didn’t rise that quickly. I did pass by this Sub Mack on the outskirts of Harrisburg. I wonder if franchises are available?

The Sub Mack



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