I hate to load you down with more images of snow plows but this time of the year is slow for any other activity. The classic truck shows and construction projects that provided so much for this site are gone, waiting for their chance to return with the warmer weather. Until that time we will all have to survive on fare like the truck below and other scraps I can find on dealer lots.


OCDOT Volvo Snow Plow

Of course I am always open to submissions. If you have something you would like to see on this site drop me a line at eric@dailydieseldose.com. Sharing is caring.


OCDOT International 2674 – Click to Enlarge

Then again, if you are happy with a steady diet of plows, plows and more plows you have found the right place and need to do nothing.

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2 Responses to Fumes

  1. Joe says:

    Nice shots Eric. I’ve seen No. 124 before which is a 2002 model.

    We’ve had some snow this year in South Jersey as well! Here is a brand new 2013 Pete we just delivered to Camden County, NJ a couple of weeks ago. V-box spreader in the box. The 2-way reversible plow isn’t mounted yet in this picture.

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