FWD Tractioneer

Why waste money on printed For Sale sign when you have a can of blue spray paint laying around the shop? Andy came across this FWD Tractioneer snow plow outside of Camillus, NY a number of years ago. He was wise enough to grab a few photos at the time. While unsure of it’s final fate it’s unlikely the truck is in the same location.

house 020 (1024x782)

Over the years FWD trucks utilized a number of cabs manufactured by a variety of larger truck builders. The International Comfo-Vision was a common find as well as the cab found on the Dodge C Series line of trucks.

house 016 (1024x607)

The bottom half of the cab is painted a flat black making it hard to tell how bad the rust infection could be but I am willing to take the leap and declare it as salvageable. How about those rims? The spokes almost look like wagon wheels. I believe this was a style exclusive to FWD trucks but I could be wrong. They must insanely heavy chucks of steel.


Thank to Andy for another great share!

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