Glitch in the Matrix

Yesterday morning I logged on to the site, made a post, saved it, and then went about my business. I didn’t check back on things until twelve hours later and to my surprise not only was the current post not published but that past three days of material were gone as well. They don’t exist. I’m not sure what happened but all that information is gone like yesterdays wind. I even checked the database tables and there is nothing. I suspect something went wrong with my host provider and then went back to their most recent backup. I guess it’s cool that didn’t bother to tell me sooooo, yeah. I have to check on a few things, backup a few things, recreate a few things and then the show will continue. Until then enjoy these tow truck photos.

International 9900i

Technology is grand.

International 9400i


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2 Responses to Glitch in the Matrix

  1. Mark says:

    A step back. Sad to hear. Can you start over? Hope you can repost the info and pictures. Technology has it’s ups & downs.
    Move forward. Tomorrow is a new day.

    • Eric says:

      Only three posts were lost, that I know of, I’ll just have to recreate those from the top of my head. Better to lose three days than three years. Lesson learned!

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