Harvest Time? Call you bud.

Across the country farmers are gearing up for the fall harvest.  Today, modern farming is a big business with millions of acres requiring armies of heavy equipment to harvest the food stuffs we require to live.  Enter the Big Bud 747.  Constructed in 1977  and powered by a Detroit Diesel 16V92 turbo charged diesel engine Big Bud was capable of cultivating one acre a minute at a leisurely eight miles per hour.  Don’t worry about finding a stump or a stone in your field, you have 2300 foot pounds of torque at your disposal.  Have a few thousand acres to plow?  Don’t worry, your fuel capacity is just as large.  From what I can tell the Bud is semi-retired today still working on the fields in Montana while spending time at the Heartland Acres Agribition Center

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