Heavy Hauling with the Mack Titan

Here is a great video of three Mack Titans moving 400 tons of decommissioned generator vessels (huh?) across the southwest United States. Watch as these massive trucks push and pull a custom made 300 foot trailer. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to Heavy Hauling with the Mack Titan

  1. Jim says:

    I know it was a Mack promo video, and they were concentrating on the Titan up front, but not all the push trucks were Macks (like the video implied). I know I saw at least one Kenworth T800, and maybe a Freightliner.

  2. Clane Stringer says:

    Nice blog. I think that Mack Titan is the powerful truck that can be used in a heavy hauling industry. I want to try to drive that kind of truck because I think that will be the easy steering wheel of those trucks that I used.


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