Heavy Snow Removal – A Photographic Archive

It has been over a year since the concept of a snow plow book was presented on these electronic pages and while there has been no update since that time rest assured that action was taking place behind the scenes. I have seen the most recent version of the manuscript and it is good. I did not fully appreciate the history of mechanized snow removal until browsing through the pages compiled by noted author. M.E. Folsom. If you are familiar with his work chronicling the history of Northwest Engineering then you know the finished product will be worthy of a spot on any truck or heavy equipment lover’s bookshelf.

Right now the book is on schedule for a Christmas 2017 release but there is still much to be done. In fact, you can help. Photos of plow equipment from trucks to graders, loaders to scrapers, are needed. If you have something you would like to contribute please email eric@dailydieseldose.com.

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