Hire the Classics

Not too long ago I was in the market for a new driveway. The good people at Pro Pave were right at the top of my list with a very competitive quote and I figured they would my company of choice. After all, they run well maintained classics like two Ford LTL 9000 and these Aeromax twins. How could a self proclaimed truck lover such as myself choose anyone else! Well for some reason I did hire a different company and it’s a shame that I’ve carried around ever since.

I don’t have any complaints about the company that eventually paved my driveway. They did a wonderful job and the service was fantastic but as I watched a brand new Freightliner 108SD dumping a load of blacktop I just couldn’t help but feel I had made the wrong choice.

Hopefully, in time, the classic truck community can forgive me. Until then, look at this Diamond Reo again.

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