I went to Jersey

I went to Jersey and all I got was a picture of these two Macks. I know it sounds like a bad cheap t-shirt logo but it’s true. The past week I have spent some vacation time in the the beauty that is the garden state. I bet you didn’t even notice I was gone with how smoothly things have run around here. During my stay I saw plenty of great sights from the beautiful shore line of Ocean Grove to the casinos of Atlantic City. I saw plenty of great trucks too. The roads of Jersey are jammed full of tough looking Macks riding big rubber, customized Petes with excessive amounts of chrome and lights, and our personal favorites, Autocars! In an attempt to keep my car on the road among the crazy traffic I didn’t get shots of any of them except for this pair. This Superliner stuck in traffic about sums the travel conditions.


And then there was this nice looking bulldog setup as a skip loader on I-95 outside of Elizabeth, NJ.


As you read this post I am traveling back home so it’s possible I may find a moment to grab a few more shots if road conditions permit.

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