International 2574 Rollback

I’ve always thought that a rollback truck would be a useful rig to have around. You can haul other vehicles, building materials, heavy equipment or more. The heavier duty the truck and the bed the better. This International 2574 fits the bill nicely.

International 2574

Another fine example of a well maintained older vehicle by the folks of the Fisher Companies. When I saw this truck it was picking up a roller from the Hotel Syracuse job site, a project that is largely finished now.

International 2574

Roll on my friend, roll on.

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  1. Dave Shepherd says:

    They are incredibly useful. I worked for a rental company driving a tandem like the one you photographed, only a little bigger. It was busy all the time, not only moving our own rental equipment, but contractors and businesses would routinely call us up to move things for them. Ours had a roll-off deck as opposed to the roll-back deck as pictured. We found the flat loading angle was far better for a wider variety of equipment.

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