International Cargostar Memories

One of my first truck memories is of the International Cargostar used by the Village of East Syracuse to collect trash. It was a tandem axle truck with large float style tires on the front and painted orange like the rest of the fleet. Along with the plow trucks it was one of my favorite to watch from the front windows. The Cargostar was the front line garbage truck for years until it was retired to yard collection waste duty in the mid 90’s. Many a day has passed by when I wish I had a shot or two of that truck. For my second wish I would love a shot of the replacement truck to the IH, a FWD cab forward. That’s right. A FWD! I have never seen one since and have not been able to find a shot online to this very day. It had to be the early to mid 90’s when the truck was new and undoubtedly a rare model.

Anyway, this Cargostar looks nothing like the old garbage truck but it was enough to jump start the trip down memory lane. If you cruising along the coast of Marin County, California keep an eye out for this old rig. Thanks to Ryan for the share!

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