International Transtar Grain Truck

Got Soybeans? That tagline was much more effective with milk. Anway, I thought this old 1974 Transtar 4300 was a nice slice a farm life. I poked around this old rig at the Empire Farm Days auction and made a short video of what I saw. Overall condition? Decent. The large fiberglass hood was damage free while the cab and interior were much of the same. Sorry, I forgot to take still shots so you’ll have to watch the film to see what I mean.


I didn’t do any research prior to my arrival so I’ll have to fill out the facts the video doesn’t include….which is basically everything. The Transtar4300 design first began to surface in early 1970 but did not enter full production until September of 1971. Steel or aluminum cabs were offered with the aforementioned fiberglass tilt hood. Power was provided by a variety of Cummins or Detroit Diesels. The exact model of this truck is a F-4370 indicating is was the largest and heaviest of the Transtar line. A BBC measurment of 114 provided enough room for eight different Cummins (N, NH, NT) models producing up to 370 horse power. Detroit Diesel options included the 6-71N and two versions of the 12V-71N. This particluar truck had one of the larger Cummins options and was paired to a nine speed. I probably would have bought this IH if it had a 12V Detroit.

The Transtar saw the introduction of many driver safety and comfort features including a padded dashboard, non-slip pedals and corrugated cab steps. Maintenance was simplified with circuit breakers for isolating electrical gremlins, a drop frame for ease of engine repairs and a cooling system that featured radiator hoses with no bends.

This ’74 model was one of 66,092 trucks built that year in the Fort Wayne plant, a bastion of IHC production until it’s closure just a short eight years later.

Information source: International Trucks by Fred Crimson. Pages 419 & 463.

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