IRT Season 5 – Episode 11

This week on IRT we learn that dreams really do come true, at least for Lisa. Just a few short weeks after the heavy haul team benched her Lisa is called back to deliver a 16ft wide load to Prudhoe, a record sized load. She will be traveling with Tony and four pilot vehicles. Because of the cargo’s width they will have drive in the middle of the road whenever possible. No matter how much space fellow truckers provide for Tony and Lisa the road will be tight. A tense moment is had when the convoy must pass between trucks parked on either side of the road…in the pitch black! After stopping at Cold Foot Lisa is handed the reigns and allowed to take to the lead. She successfully navigates the road and handles all four pilot cars like a pro. It’s safe to say that Lisa has redeemed herself in the eyes of the heavy haul crew.

Dave can be found at the yard, wandering aimlessly while waiting for the boss to question him on why he abandoned his convoy partners. A dispatcher eventually takes pity on Dave and hands him a small load of tires to run to a local DOT garage. Another in episode Ford commercial takes place as Dave comments on the look of the new F-150 in the yard. On the road the troubles continue for Dave as truck after truck edge him closer and closer to the soft shoulder. “It’s like they don’t want me here” he mutters. Moments later another truck hogs so much of the road that Dave goes into a nasty spin and nearly wrecks. After gaining his composure Dave reflects on what it’s like to be a normal sized vehicle in the land of big rigs. He goes on to tell us that he now has different perspective on sharing the road and can understand why the four wheelers act they way the do. After dropping of his load Dave comments on how the constant struggle this season is starting to wear on him but that he doesn’t really have a choice other than to struggle on. You have to respect that.

We join Maya as she battles a nasty cold and fever on her up the Dalton. She reflects on her experience with Dave and tells us she tries to do the opposite of him at all times. Despite her cold she continues on, in her own words trucking is her medicine.

And finally we join our favorites Canadians on the twisted ice roads outside Manitoba on the warmest day of the year, 28 degrees. Hugh, Rick, Vlad and Alex are all running loads to nearby towns so the decided to convoy together. Many laughs are had when Alex is left in the dust by the convoy because of his slow driving. But like always the tables so turn. Hugh and Rick stop to check their loads while Alex continues on…the laughing dies. Hugh and Rick have suddenly become model truckers concerned about safety and convoy etiquette. Alex laughs at their sour attitudes. Five miles up the road he stops at a lake crossing and waits for the group to catch up. When the do he gets out to chat but only receives cold shoulders and icy stares. The group continues across the ice. The scary music is played and lots of stock footage of ice breaking is mixed in with random shots of trucks from across the season. Surprise, no on dies. The convoy stops again and we are treated to another tense meeting between Alex and Hugh. At some point Alex found a photo of Hughs’s father from back and then day and it had enlarged and reproduced. Hugh is obviously moved. Later during a confession scene Hugh is tight lipped about the exchange and proclaims the gift and his feelings about it or private.

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