IRT Season Five – Episode Five

I am now a full week behind IRT so no need to worry about spoilers any more!

Dave has the opening act this week on IRT with an over sized load of spool pipe to Prudhoe Bay. The special load has Dave energized as he is eager to prove his worth. Unfortunately for Dave the Carslie yard seem to have curse that only applies to him. When attempting to hit the road his discovers his trailer brakes are frozen solid. He can either wait for the spring thaw or find a large hammer to pound on the brake drums. With no hammer on his truck Dave attempts to borrow one from fellow truckers in the yard. People stare at him like he has a third head upon each request for help. An explosion of epic of proportions is averted when Phil arrives with a hammer to borrow. Hitting the road Dave hears a message over the CB about the Yukon River bridge being closed. As this is the only way of getting to the Dalton naturally Dave is curious. When he inquires for more detail the disembodied CB voice ignores Dave and refuses to divulge more info.

The career of Lisa continues on the face track to the top.  This week she is teamed up with Tony in their attempt to haul the largest load of the season;  100FT long prefab buildings.  At the start of the trip Lisa and Tony are told the buildings are 17 feet 16 inches tall.  From previous experience Tony knows the road out of town will take them under a bridge that only has a clearance of 16 feet 10 inches.  The heavy haul dispatcher ensures them that they will “probably be okay”.  Encouraging words.  Despite the obvious difference in bridge and vehicle size both make by with inches to spare.  Hmmmmm.

The highlight of this weeks episode maybe the reuniting of Rick, Hugh and Alex.  All three are scheduled to convoy the same 800 mile, 3 day run to Tadoule Lake.  Alex seems genuinely annoyed at this fact and tries to leave the yard before Rick and Hugh arrive.  Not so fast, more frozen trailer brakes.  The frustration level quickly rises as Hugh and Rick arrive.  After some ribbing they tear off into the sunset leaving Alex to stew in his own juices.  Two mechanics and hours later the stuck break problem is solved…..switched air lines on the trailer.  Not afraid to laugh at himself the sour mood of Alex immediately lifts and he is on the way.  The tables soon turn on Ricky and Hugh when they are pulled over by the police for a log book inspection.  Next Rick discovers a short on his truck after a battery cable is severed by the hard roads.  And finally, Hugh’s heavily loaded trailer is begins to rubbing on his tractors wheels over leading to loss of traction which in turns cause him to become stuck.  Alex soon passes both, his cab full of evil laughter.

Maya also had a spot in this episode but it was more of the same.  Screams of terror, lots of giggles, hesitation about shifting.  I am very bored with this story line.  I thought she was supposed to be a tough NYC trucker?

Until next week enjoy the summer!

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