Junk Yard Finds – International and Brockway

If you google International A-160 you’ll find that many of the result show a 4×4 setup with blower just like this one. This truck is equipped with a SnoGo thrower. I call them blowers but maybe the term isn’t interchangeable? The power plant for the thrower is Red Seal Continental gas engine. All in all this truck was fairly solid. Just a little body damage to the front driver side fender and a misaligned door on the passenger side. Ready to work!


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Nearby was this Brockway 260. Missing wheels and rims where a common theme at the Dobbins Auction. The cab on this truck looked OK. This is back in the era when wood was still used in the cab. I’m not sure what engine this rig had but it was huge. Stamped on the block was the phrase “Chrome Moly”. I’m not entirely sure what that means but it sounds interesting.


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5 Responses to Junk Yard Finds – International and Brockway

  1. Joe Kelly says:

    Hi Eric. Nice shots! Would you believe I have pictures of this very Brockway that I took way back in 1994? Even then, it was out of service but was a little more intact than seen here. Good to know not all of the trucks I took pictures of have went to scrap. I shot it at the old Owl Equipment in Cicero. I’ll post them on my Flickr page soon and feel free to share them here too.

    The engine is a Continental R6602. The 602 is the cubic inch displacement. Any time you see “Chrome Moly” on the engine, you’re looking at a Continental gas job. The Brockway is a 1962 by the way, and even when I took pictures of it 20 years ago the 50th anniversary Huskie mascot was missing.

    The orange paint on the back indicate this truck must have been a municipal at one point in its life. By the way, love the A-160 IH blower.

  2. Ryan says:

    You can see the remnants of a plow frame on the front too!!

  3. Suhas Tingre says:

    Wanted to know more about the diesel engine stamped with CHROME MOLY on the block ,it came with my Diamond t wrecker 969a, this is Suhas Tingre from India

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