Kenworth W990

Did you hear the news W900? You’re going to be a big brother. With an eye to the future Kenworth has pulled the wraps off the W990, the truck that will certainly become the long hood embasador of the brand for generations to come. While company representatives are quick to note that the W900 is going nowhere anytime soon it doesn’t take a large imagination to envision the future of these two trucks.

Built on the same cab platform as the T680 and T880 the new W by KW is bigger, longer and 6 to 7 perecent more aerodynamic than its long lived predecessor. Head on over to FleetEquipmentMagazine to get the full details by clicking here

As for my opinion? I’ll stick with an International HX. 😉

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  1. Seth Granville says:

    Looks like Miller Industries will be building a heavy wrecker off of one…

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