License Revoked

Many of the large national carriers operate their own driver training programs to help fill the ranks of their growing companies. Most of the time instruction is provided using their experienced staff and company trucks. After all, finding a skilled driver to learn from a truck to drive can be the largest obstacles to obtaining a CDL. Swift Transportation had one such “academy” in Millington Tennessee. The Millington location even contained a satellite DMV office. Talk about one stop shopping. Swift and the Tennessee State government became so close that road tests eventually stopped using state personal in favor of Swift trainers. Soon, the road test dropped from a open road 45 minute exam to a quick five minute drive around the block. Fearing that a terrorist could gain easy access to a license from these methods the Federal government invalidated nearly 9,000 CDLs earned by graduates. WOW! Many of the graduates were no longer employed by Swift and thus lost their jobs and careers when their licenses were terminated. A class action lawsuit soon followed. Swift eventually agree to pay for retesting, retraining and equipment rental to the drivers but some feel that is not enough. What do you think? CDL has the full story which you can view by clicking here.

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