Lost and Found – Dueling Dump Trucks

I recently stumbled upon a honey hole of old trucks and heavy equipment within easy access of a public road. That’s a nice change of pace. I was able to grab just a few shots of what rested near an old garage of a semi busy state route. I only had limited time so photos of all the treasures was not possible but here is a short list of what I saw. There probably is even more tucked away behind trees and other scrap metal.

Dodge C- Series, Western Stars, Cat dozers, Terex Dozers, huge International Payloader, Trojan loaders, Kenworths, Ford W-Series cabover(?) and Mack DM in full snow plow setup slowly sinking to the earth.

Ok, enough about what I saw but didn’t photograph. Thankfully a few pieces, like this International Fleetstar, were in prime position right by the road. A registration sticker from 1997 an old Lady Liberty style license plates give us a clue regarding the last time it was on the road.


Around the corner this GMC 9500 waits for the day when it can return the road. This truck appears to be solid, body wise, from what I can see. How about that Paystar doing its best to photobomb the photo.


Some day I will have to return and try to get a better shot of all the trucks and equipment but until that time I’m keeping the location a secret. 😉

Know of any old trucks or heavy equipment in hiding?  Email Me!


The International is a 1973 2050A model with a 504 V-8 gas engine and 5+4 transmission.

*2nd UPDATE*

Shortly after the original post the owner of the truck contacted me with updated stats and a history of the truck. He also informed me it was for sale or scrap. Not long after his first contact the truck found a new home. Thankfully it looks like someone bought it for more than its scrap value. Thanks to Tim for sharing this photo and the information.


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