Lost and Found – Utica Part Two

Over a month ago I shared with you a few photos from Dave T who just happens to be a great fan of the Lost and Found portion of this website. At that time I promised to share more of the photos he submitted. Well, one thing lead to another and before I knew it over a month had passed. Better late than never right?

The gallery begins with a soon to be vintage Western Star. Believe it or not this ‘star is not eligible for the L&F tag just yet. Dave reports that this truck is still used by a Utica based demolition firm. Some of its coworkers include a Autocar dump truck, a Mack R-Model roll-off and 60’s era GMC. I hope we can see the rest of the fleet soon.

Also to be found in the gallery below is a trio of International cabovers. Out of the three the green truck appears to be the only working one of the bunch. As you can see from the photos the solid grey CO is decorated with Christmas lights! The final truck appears to have a set of military style tires and rims up front. A very odd combination for sure.


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