Mack Anthem

The newest Mack truck has been revealed. Behold the Anthem. It’s the latest entry into the Class 8 segment that has seen a slew of new or heavily refreshed models aimed straight at the heart of the OTR market. Redefined with all the creature comforts you could imagine Mack hopes the Anthem will boost sagging sales. 

At first glance I have to say the truck leaves a favorable impression on the eyes when compared to other modern trucks and I eagerly await seeing how these trucks look when the hit road. What we see in the video above is clearly the highest spec’d model available and probably won’t represent what the common man will choose.

So what do you think? Keep in mind that Tesla plans to unveil the version of big rig on October 26th so if you want to hold judgement until that time I can understand. 😉

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  1. Andy R. says:

    Looks roomy when you have a guy 4’9″ in the video…

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