Mack Chain Drive Trucks

Just seconds after arriving to the show on Wednesday afternoon I heard the roar of this 1943 Mack FCSW mining dump truck. I left my dad in the dust and sprinted to get a better shot of this behemoth as it lumbered across the show grounds. Catching rigs likes this Mack is the exact reason why I like to show up early to truck shows.

Mack FCSW Dump Truck

According to the info plaque this truck was one of 38 purchased by the Oliver Iron Mining Company of Duluth Minnesota. Between 1937 and 1945 Mack produced 251 FCSW models for custom heavy duty applications such as open pit iron ore hauling. This fine example, and there can’t be many more left, is owned by Greg Nuss of Nuss Truck & Equipment.

Mack FCSW Dump Truck

Just imagine if those rocks were real! That old engine would really be screaming away. You’ll notice that chain drive is the method of power distribution here, the gold standard of any heavy haul truck prior the development of planetary axles.

It’s not everyday that you see a steel nose, set back axle DM overshadowed by a larger truck but that is exactly what happens when you park next to a 1943 FCSW with 300 H.P. six cylinder Cummins.

Mack FC tanker truck

This 100,000 GVW bulldog was originally owned by International Nickel Company of Ontario, Canada. Rediscovered in 1991 this truck now survives to thrill visitors at any truck show that is lucky enough to have it attend. Powered by a NHRS Cummins that spins two chain driven axles I can only imagine what this truck sounds like when moving a full tank of water. Below is a walk around video highlighting the components of this truck. You’ll notice that everything is big, heavy, and meant to last.

Here is that poor little (by comparision) 1971  DM600

Mack DM600

Now that we are week removed from the show I’m sure many of you have seen trucks that I haven’t covered yet. Any request? It’s possible I have what you are looking for in both video and photo form. Leave a comment below or shot me an email. The phones lines are open.

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  1. Saw the Mack FCSW dump truck at the Mack factory last year on a customer visit. It is bigger in real life than these pictures indicate! Beautiful trucks all.

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