Mack MB Log Loader

If you’re looking for a real sheet metal intensive restoration project look no further than this Mack MB. I really have to wonder what happened to the cab. It looks almost as if the roof was removed for some reason or maybe it just rusted away completely. Another mystery of the universe that will go unsolved. If you look real close I believe you can see the shadow of the Mack bulldog on the pillar of the cab behind the driver’s side door.

Mack MB

Thanks for sharing Andy! Know of any old trucks or heavy equipment in hiding?  Email Me!

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2 Responses to Mack MB Log Loader

  1. Mike DeWater says:

    Now, THAT is a sun roof!

  2. Louis Botta says:

    I need the drivers side cab hinge from this truck. The side of the hinge that’s bolted to the frame (4 bolts). Has provision for power assist steering cyllinder rod mount.
    Please contact me, anyone who can help. Thanks, Lou

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