Mack R-600

Grizzled. That’s how I like my trucks. Not so much my steaks. Take a look at this Mack R-600. It has character that new trucks can only dream of reaching. Rust, fading paint, mismatched tires, leaking exhaust. It’s everything a survivor truck should be and then some. The roof mounted A/C unit is the cherry on top. It arrived to the show on trailer pulled by a very nice Mack DM. Keeping it the family.

Mack R-600 Truck

This old dog appears to have some life left in it.

Below is the video of the truck warming up, unloading, and a short walk around while on the show field. A 1948 Mack LM makes an appearance midway through the video. There is no way you can miss this truck. Saying it’s loud is an understatement.

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2 Responses to Mack R-600

  1. I am interested in this mack. How much is the lowest you can go. Thank you.

  2. Mike says:

    How can I buy this truck ?

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