Brockway Trucks – 2014 ATHS Hudson Mohawk

The ATHS Hudson Mohawk classic truck show always has a strong showing of Brockways and 2014 saw a continuation of the trend.

Brockway Trucks

Brand new to the show this year was this 762 model owned by Clarence Ritchie. When I say new I really mean new. Clarence only returned home with this truck the evening before the show. Powered by a Detroit 12V71 this truck can move. The Richeyville VFD was sad to see this truck leave the fleet but they can rest easy knowing the 762 couldn’t have found a better owner.

Brockway 762 Fire Truck

Video of the new ride and many others!

The gallery below also includes a few more Brockways including an ex Coppola 758.

More coverage to come!

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  1. Hi do you still have 6-71 Detroit tow truck if you have send me compleate information and the price thank you.

  2. Hi I am interested in this truck send me information how mouch you want thank you.

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