Mack Trucks RoadLife

I ditched cable along time ago mostly because I couldn’t stomach throwing away increasing sums of money each month on an activity that rots your brain. After all, the internet is my weapon of choice for that activity nowadays. But one of the things I do miss from cable are the reality TV shows based around cars, trucks, and heavy equipment. The streaming services really haven’t been able to fill that void until recently and even now they are still far behind networks like Discovery and History. The other day I saw an advertisements for a new Amazon Prime video series called RoadLife which appears to be produced my Mack trucks. The teaser videos are short on details so I’m not really sure how long the episodes might be. Or how many there might be. Facts seem to be in low supply all around. It might just end being a glorified commercial. Who knows. Either way, if you have Amazon Prime you can catch the series debut on June 16th.

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