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That 1948 International KB-5 from the other day was a pretty cool truck. Back in the day in probably cost a pretty penny and was considered top of the line. Times sure have change since then. Below, the newest International Trucks of the Madison County fleet.

International WorkStar

Foreground, a 2015 International WorkStar with a SCR enabled Maxxforce. In the background, a 2016 Workstar with the Navistar N13. Despite all the pictures I took last Saturday I never took a head on shot of the the ’16! D’oh. Oh well, it looks pretty nice from the rear.

International WorkStar

A one way Viking plow and right side wing push effortlessly through the heaviest winter storms. On the material side of things a stainless steel dump body and fiberglass tub sit atop a Hendrickson suspension. According to the driver of this truck the 475HP N13 and Allison 4500RDS-P have performed flawlessly all winter long. When asked how this truck compares to the one it replaced, a 2000 Autocar ACL 64B, the following analogy was made. If the Autocar was a F-14 Tomcat than the International is a F-117 stealth. Get the picture?

International WorkStar

Interesting note, truck 68 is the first 2016 WorkStar to roll of the production line. Madison County is also in possession of the last 2015 Workstar to be produced. Both trucks were moving down the line together when the line was drawn in the sand. Future collector items?

A shot a walk around video of this truck along with some of the other items seen in the background. Check back soon.

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3 Responses to Madison County Highway Department

  1. Mark Bickelhaupt says:

    Did you take the Freightliner/Gradall or the fire trucks? International’s live on as long as they get TLC, truck loving care. I guess that Madison County has stopped using dark green as the Dept colors. Omaha orange or chrome yellow seem to be the standard of today. Some other Dept still use that same green. I have a shot of a new Freightliner in dark green.

  2. Joe says:

    Hi Ryan. I probably have a head on shot you can use if you’d like.

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